The AdChat Story

AdChat started with a simple mission: create a conversational advertising platform that puts the customer experience first.

For us, that meant creating a format that would:

  • Provide value and utility to the consumer.
  • Not disrupt the consumer’s browsing experience.
  • Be respectful, and ideally deserving, of the consumer’s time and attention.

Easier said than done. But we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished.

We’ve worked with major advertisers and their agencies to deploy our ad platform as display ads, in-app on major social platforms, and as landing pages.

That said, we’re also looking toward the future. Our platform is already voice-enabled (currently on mobile), and we’re ready to build upon what we’ve created once the major voice assistants have an ad revenue model in place.

The BackStory

The idea for AdChat came about after we deployed a Messenger-based chatbot for a large U.S. consumer brand and their agency. That chatbot worked hard to deliver relevant product recommendations for consumers in big-box home improvement stores (The Home Depot and Lowe’s) across the U.S.

After seeing initial success on Messenger, the agency asked us about the possibility of deploying the chatbot in other environments, including ads. That’s how AdChat was born.

After several months, we had a working prototype and an initial client (Lexus). And with the partnership of a major publisher, we deployed our prototype on Google Ad Manager in three different sizes. We also ran an A/B test alongside standard banners to gauge results. We saw a 50% higher engagement rate with our format, along with significant time spent engaging with the in-banner chat session.

After making some key improvements based on our learnings from that prototype, we’ve since worked with multiple agencies and their DSPs to deploy AdChat on behalf of their clients.

Recently, we launched our in-app social integration. This allows us to deploy the same conversational interface in-app on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Messenger.

This was followed by a landing page and website integration, meaning a conversational could be created once, and deployed across multiple advertising environments and destinations.

AdChat is a product from Wonderthing Inc.

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We’ve spent our careers helping the world’s leading brands – and category disruptors – connect to their audiences using voice, messaging, and web-based experiences.

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