Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversational Advertising?

Conversational advertising uses natural language chatbots across ad environments and platforms to drive awareness, purchase intent/consideration, and conversions.

What is Adchat?

AdChat drives consumer engagement using conversational interfaces, powered by Artificial Intelligence in the form of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Machine Learning and NLP allow our ad formats to understand the intent and context of what a user says, then provide highly relevant responses.

AdChat enables rich, natural language interactions between brands and consumers, in display ads, in social apps, and on landing pages and websites.

We work hand-in-hand with publishers, advertisers, and agencies to create and deploy our conversational ad platform in multiple environments.

Why AdChat?

AdChat is a solution to some of the most pervasive problems with digital advertising: low engagement, dismal CTRs, and disruptive browsing experiences.

Here we are, 25+ years after the first banner ad, and not much has changed – there’s a tsunami of banner ads that don’t engage. Or do much of anything, really. Other than follow you around everywhere.

Our goal was to address the problems by putting the customer experience first. Create a great user experience, and everything else follows.

For us, that meant bringing conversational interfaces to display ads.

What About Measurement & Analytics?

First off: nothing that we track is personally identifiable.

Every session is assigned a random, alphanumeric session ID. We use this to track and record the content of every conversation and interaction. By tracking conversations, advertisers can see the most popular/widely requested content, and fill in gaps if a need for more or missing content exists. It’s a mini market research tool in an ad.

Here are some of the engagement metrics that we track for advertisers:

  • Active users over time (monthly, weekly, daily).
  • Sessions over time.
  • Average session time per user.
  • Average messages sent per user.
  • Exits, with URL and count.
  • Conversation Flow.
  • Conversation Transcripts.

Conversation flow tracks how all users ‘flow’ through the chat experience. Transcripts track every conversation with by unique session ID.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are two parts to our pricing model: a one-time setup fee and a monthly licensing fee (while an ad is in-market).

The setup fee covers the cost of building a conversational experience and deploying it on the required environments: display ad, in-app on social, and landing pages.

The setup fee varies depending on how complex the ad is (which can range from straightforward product info and quizzes to machine learning models that classify and respond to user-provided content, like photos.

A monthly licensing fee is charged while the ad is ‘live’ or in-market. The licensing fee covers the cost to host and maintain the ad content/conversation on our platform and provide measurement/analytics. The fee can also be structured to include maintenance hours to edit and add new content as required.

What are Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing?

Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are a subset of AI. Most references to AI in the news today are really about Machine Learning.

Adchat uses Machine Learning and NLP to recognize the intent and context of what a user says. This enables our ad formats to provide relevant responses to each user input. Each ad has a unique ML algorithm, enabling it to learn and get ‘smarter’ with every user interaction.