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How AdChat sweetened Oreo’s engagement rate by 10x

Conversational display ads were a key ingredient in engaging with consumers.

AdChat - Think with Google Case Study - Oreo

Oreo Recipe Finder

Working with Google, and our partner in South Africa, RebelRebel, AdChat built a fun, intuitive recipe recommendation engine to coincide with Ramadan.

Dessert is an essential course during iftar, the evening feast that ends the daily fast. Cue Oreo…

The conversational ad started by asking Moroccans if they wanted a sweet treat for iftar. Then, based on user choices, the ad recommended one of six Oreo-based desserts. Note that the ad was created in French, a language commonly spoken in Morocco.

Once the ad’s conversational flow and language were nailed down, Tribal DDB provided the design – with a fun crescent moon design featuring a nibbled cookie.

Read the full case study at Think with Google.

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“When we work with brand teams like Oreo’s, it’s to ensure the customer’s conversational ad experience is fluid, engaging and, above all else, human. This approach results in consumers spending more than 45 seconds interacting with an ad.”

Danny Greef

Metrics that Matter

Campaign Results

The Oreo campaign delivered outstanding results for Mondelez. In addition to metrics gathered through DV360, which is how the ad was delivered programmatically, AdChat’s analytics provided a depth of insight that’s simply not possible with other ad formats.

1.5 million unique users were reached in two weeks, with an average interaction time (what we call ‘active attention’) of 50 seconds. That’s 10x the industry benchmark for the CPG industry.


Consumers visited the landing page after engaging with the conversational ad.


Consumers who preferred recipes that did not involve cooking.


Consumers who indicated they don't like to share their dessert!

Interestingly, the ad seemed to appeal more to men than women, which is atypical for the CPG category.

Interested in learning more about this campaign and how to engage consumers with conversational advertising? Read the full case study at Think with Google.

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Conversational Display Ads

Conversations that Convert

Conversational ads are automated, natural language conversations between brands and consumers. The goal is to drive awareness, consideration, and conversion. To make the most impact, conversational ads must ultimately feel human.

Here are some key fundamentals that make conversational ads engaging and human:

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Use natural, familiar language that connects with the audience.

Intuitive icon

Make the experience as intuitive and frictionless as possible for users.

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Keep the experience fun and friendly. The use of emoji is a great way to keep things light.

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