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Getting Started

Here are a few resources to help you storyboard, write copy, and design your layouts for our platform.

QuickStart Guide

This document outlines content requirements, how we handle ad serving, and what you can expect from our analytics platform, among other things.

Storyboard Template

Creative teams can use this document to mock-up user flow, copy, and design for client presentation. Note that this is for storyboarding only and the actual UI of our platform is a little different.

Photoshop Templates

Creative teams can use these files to specify color treatments, design ads, and format images. Send the approved file back to us at

Copy Deck Template

A template for writing copy for our platform, including character limitations. You can use this in tandem or separately from the storyboard template – whatever is easiest for you. Please send the approved file to

Here’s a list of what we need to start building your ad:

  1. First frame background image (see the Photoshop template).
  2. Color choices (see the Photoshop template).
  3. Images (at 573 x 300 px).
  4. Copy deck, or storyboard template.