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Howdy Media in Canada and Strategy Readers! 👋

Read on to learn how conversational advertising can drive higher engagement and unlock valuable insights in your programmatic campaigns.

AdChat Conversational Display Ads
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Conversational Display Ads

Engage your audience 🔥

AdChat’s conversational display ad format utilizes the #1 preferred method of communication for consumers: messaging.

Conversational AI gives consumers the specific information they’re looking for instantly, keeping them engaged and increasing the likelihood of taking action. It’s a personalized alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of standard display ads and landing pages.

  • Personalized Experiences – Content is tailored to individual user preferences, leading to high levels of engagement and ‘active attention.’
  • Intuitive Design Patterns – A friendly UI that looks and feels like the messaging apps consumers use daily. 
  • Full-funnel Capability: Ad content can be ‘tuned’ to meet specific KPIs, from awareness to conversion.
Conversational Display Ads
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How AdChat sweetened Oreo’s engagement rate by 10x

See how a fluid conversational display ad experience helped Oreo drive engagement and uncover consumer insights.

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Analytics and Insights

Unlock valuable data 📈

AdChat’s conversational ad formats collect non-PII zero-party/declared data to allow advertisers to better understand their target audiences, optimize campaigns, and enrich first-party data.
  • Depth of Measurement – AdChat delivers a depth of measurement and insights unmatched by other digital ad formats.
  • Zero-party/Declared Data – Gather accurate and actionable data on target audience content preferences and intent.
  • Active Attention/Time Spent – See how much time consumers spend actively engaging with ad content before exiting.
  • Consumer Journey Measurement – Understand the most common paths users take to navigate and exit the ad experience.
AdChat Analytics Dashboard
Ad Stack Integration

Execute with ease 😊

AdChat offers painless production, speed to market, and seamless compatibility with the entire adtech supply chain.

  • Fully Managed Service – ‘White glove’ service, with complete creative services (if required) and rapid development time.
  • Plug and Play – AdChat is fully integrated with leading ad serving platforms, DSPs and exchanges/SSPs.
  • Programmatic Deal ID – A hassle-free method to access premium, curated, contextually-aligned inventory.

Our conversational ad format is built to IAB HTML5 standards for eamless integration into any programmatic buy.

The workflow is straightforward: we develop the HTML ad, then deploy it to your preferred 3rd-party ad server. With DCM/Campaign Manager, this process is fully automated. For other ad serving platforms, we’ll work with whatever tools are required for integration. Alternatively, we can handle ad serving and provide you with an ad tag.

Our ad format has run on every major DSP (including DV360, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, MediaMath, Amobee, and more) and on every major exchange. We’ve also worked directly with publishers to serve our format through SSPs, like Google Ad Manager.

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Carbon-neutral campaigns 🌱

AdChat is certified climate-neutral, helping brand and agencies deliver on sustainability and carbon-offset goals.

When combined with the Google Marketing Platform and premium inventory through an OpenX Deal ID, campaigns are carbon neutral from end-to-end.

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a 45-minute demo to learn how AdChat can boost engagement in your programmatic campaigns.

We’ll cover ad formats, best practices, analytics, and consumer journey insights, along with time for Q&A.

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