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Conversational Ad Platform

Deploy conversational display ads programmatically through your DSP or SSP.
Deploy in-app conversations on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Generate more engagement from your programmatic campaigns with conversational display ads. 

Our ad format is built to IAB-standard HTML5 specifications, ensuring seamless compatibility with leading demand and supply-side platforms.

AdChat DSP and SSP Compatibility
AdChat Instagram Integration

In-app conversations for your social campaigns on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Messenger. 

AdChat Social App Integration Icons

Replace static, low-engagement landing pages with engaging interactive conversations.

It’s the same experience that runs in our display ad format, enabling advertisers to reach their audiences in multiple channels.

Our conversational interface loads instantly – triggered by an ad or a link in organic posts – to provide a seamless, in-app experience.

Winner: Best Use of Content Involving Artificial Intelligence

The AdChat platform formed a core part of the ground-breaking ‘Ask Troy’ campaign for Troy-Bilt, with Messenger, conversational display ads and a conversational landing page driving in-store and online sales at The Home Depot.

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AI-powered messaging (using machine learning and natural language processing) for an experience that’s simple and intuitive.

Voice-enabled messaging
Voice Enabled (on mobile)
Cards and Carousels
Product Cards and Carousels
Text and Emoji
Text and Emoji
Visual Lists
Images and GIFs
Images and GIFs

Analytics that are actually actionable.

User engagement with the conversational assistant is mapped visually, allowing brands and agencies to see how consumers are engaging with content.

See the most popular/widely requested content, and seamlessly fill in gaps if a need for more or missing content exists.

But wait, there’s more…

We provide on-demand analytics for how users are engaging with a conversational assistant, including the number of active users/sessions over time, average session length, number of messages sent per session, and clicks/paths to external URLs.