Drive higher engagement in your programmatic campaigns with conversational advertising.

Unlock valuable consumer insights across the funnel with personalized messaging-based ads.

AdChat Conversational Display Ads
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Conversational Display Ads

Drive higher engagement from your programmatic campaigns with AdChat’s conversational display ad format.

Conversational display ads utilize the #1 preferred method of communication for consumers: messaging.

Built to IAB HTML5 standards for seamless integration into any programmatic buy, our conversational ad format delivers a level of engagement that traditional ads can’t match.

Offering seamless compatibility with leading ad servers, DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges.

BMW Conversational Display Ad
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How AdChat sweetened Oreo’s engagement rate by 10x

See how a fluid conversational display ad experience helped Oreo drive engagement and uncover consumer insights.

Ad Stack Integration

Effortlessly integrate our conversational ad format into any programmatic buy. Built to IAB HTML5 standards, it’s compatible with all leading ad servers, DSPs, SSPs, & exchanges.

The workflow is straightforward: we develop the ad, then deploy it to your preferred 3rd-party ad server. With DCM/Campaign Manager, this process is fully automated. Alternatively, we can handle ad serving and provide you with an ad tag.

Our ad format has run on every major DSP (DV360, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, MediaMath, Amobee, and more) and on every major exchange. We’ve also worked directly with publishers to serve our format through SSPs, like Google Ad Manager.

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Schedule a Demo

Schedule a 45-minute demo to see how AdChat can boost engagement in your programmatic and social campaigns.

We’ll cover ad formats, best practices, analytics, and consumer journey insights, along with time for Q&A.

Personalized conversational ad

Personalized Ad Content

AdChat’s conversational ads utilize the #1 preferred method consumers choose to communicate with a business: messaging.

Our ad format uses conversational AI to give consumers the specific information they’re looking for, instantly. It’s an engaging, personalized alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of standard display ads and landing pages.

Analytics and Insights

Metrics That Matter

We track the metrics that matter for conversational AI:

  • Count of unique user sessions.
  • Avg. time spent per conversation.
  • Avg. count of engagements per session.
  • Carousel engagements.
  • Exits to external URLs.


  • Collect and enrich 1st-party data
    • Pixel/track specific user preferences for 1st-party data profiles.
  • Optimize and inform creative based on audience behavior.
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