The AdChat Story

For years we struggled with the formula of ‘ad-click to landing page’ as the conventional way to engage consumers with our client’s brands. It’s what everyone was doing. But with ad engagement near zero, standard ad formats weren’t cutting it. The whole user experience was an afterthought.

Experimentation led us to a discovery: conversational agents – or chatbots – did engage consumers. And it makes sense. Conversations – written or spoken – are our primary form of communication. So we started using machine learning and natural language processing to build rich conversational experiences for our clients, deploying them on Messenger and websites.

Then we thought, why not bring the conversational experience to the ad itself? We created a display ad prototype, ran a programmatic test for a leading automotive brand, and saw some initial success that helped us refine and improve the format.

Now, that prototype has evolved into AdChat, a fully managed platform that brings conversational AI to programmatic display ads, social apps, Google search, and websites.

Want to see how AdChat’s conversational AI platform can engage your audience? Book a demo, and let us show you.