Conversational Display Ads

Engage prospects, capture leads, and drive sales with personalized conversational display ads.

Seamlessly deploy conversational display ads in any programmatic buy using your current AdTech stack.

AdChat Conversational Display Ads Examples
Conversational Display Ads
Personalized Experiences

Engage your audience 🔥

AdChat’s conversational display ad format utilizes the #1 preferred method of communication for consumers: messaging.

Conversational AI gives consumers the specific information they’re looking for instantly, keeping them engaged and increasing the likelihood of taking action. It’s a personalized alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ approach of standard display ads and landing pages.

  • Personalized Experiences – Content is tailored to individual user preferences, leading to high levels of engagement and ‘active attention.’
  • Intuitive Design Patterns – A friendly UI that looks and feels like the messaging apps consumers use daily. 
  • Full-funnel Capability: Ad content can be ‘tuned’ to meet specific KPIs, from awareness to conversion.
Analytics and Insights

Unlock valuable data 📈

AdChat’s conversational ad formats collect non-PII zero-party/declared data to allow advertisers to better understand their target audiences, optimize campaigns, and enrich first-party data.
  • Depth of Measurement – AdChat delivers a depth of measurement and insights unmatched by other digital ad formats.
  • Zero-party/Declared Data – Gather accurate and actionable data on target audience content preferences and intent.
  • Active Attention/Time Spent – See how much time consumers spend actively engaging with ad content before exiting.
  • Consumer Journey Measurement – Understand the most common paths users take to navigate and exit the ad experience.
AdChat Analytics Dashboard

Two Unique Formats

AdChat offers two distinct versions of our conversational ad format, tailored to enhance user interaction and experience. Both formats are crafted to maximize engagement, personalize the user experience, and drive higher conversion rates.

Conversational Display ad with text input field

AI-Powered Format

With real-time, personalized communication, this format enhances user engagement, improves lead qualification, and provides rich consumer insights, all while maintaining a consistent brand voice and personality.


Button-Based Format

Streamlined decision-tree mechanics guide users through a series of choices, making this format ideal for product recommendations and engaging quizzes.

Conversational Display Ad - Button based

Two Unique Sizes

Introducing our versatile IAB-standard rich HTML5 conversational ads, available in two dynamic sizes to cater to diverse advertising needs. These innovative ad formats blend the compelling power of video with the cost-effectiveness of display advertising, offering an unparalleled opportunity for brands to captivate audiences while optimizing ad spend.

AdChat 300x600 ad


The 300×600 ‘half page’ format offers a larger canvas and is particularly effective for capturing user attention and creating a memorable impression. This size can incorporate richer graphics (including video), detailed information, and more complex interactive elements, leading to more engaging and informative ad experiences.

AdChat 300x250 ad


Our 300×250 conversational ad format combines the ubiquity of this popular size with the innovative features of conversational advertising. Capable of incorporating video content at economical display ad CPMs, this size delivers the impact of video without the associated high costs. Designed for streamlined interaction, this format allows consumers to explore products and gather information through a more simplified yet engaging conversational interface.

Ad Stack Integration

Execute with ease 😊

AdChat offers painless production, speed to market, and seamless compatibility with the entire adtech supply chain.

  • Fully Managed Service – ‘White glove’ service, with complete creative services (if required) and rapid development time.
  • Plug and Play – AdChat is fully integrated with leading ad serving platforms, DSPs and exchanges/SSPs.
  • Programmatic Deal ID – A hassle-free method to access premium, curated, contextually-aligned inventory.

Our conversational ad format is built to IAB HTML5 standards for eamless integration into any programmatic buy.

The workflow is straightforward: we develop the HTML ad, then deploy it to your preferred 3rd-party ad server. With DCM/Campaign Manager, this process is fully automated. For other ad serving platforms, we’ll work with whatever tools are required for integration. Alternatively, we can handle ad serving and provide you with an ad tag.

Our ad format has run on every major DSP (including DV360, The Trade Desk, AppNexus, MediaMath, Amobee, and more) and on every major exchange. We’ve also worked directly with publishers to serve our format through SSPs, like Google Ad Manager.

DSP and Exchange Logos
Conversational Display Ads 1

Carbon Neutral Campaigns 🌱

AdChat is certified climate-neutral, helping brand and agencies deliver on sustainability and carbon-offset goals.

When combined with the Google Marketing Platform and premium inventory through an OpenX Deal ID, campaigns are carbon neutral from end-to-end.

End-to-end production and deployment diagram

Production & Deployment

AdChat is a fully managed platform. We build the conversational experience for you, handling end-to-end production and deployment – to match the strategy, goals, and KPIs for your campaign.

Generally, we work from a brief (and supporting materials) to build conversational ads from the ground up. But we’re just as comfortable partnering with a creative agency or internal team to define the conversation flow and flesh out the copy, design, and development.

Convert more prospects and talk to more customers with conversational advertising.

How Conversational Display Ads Work

Consumers can engage in a conversation in two primary ways:

Typing into a text input field, as with any messaging or texting app.

Text input field<br />

Clicking buttons to follow one or several pre-defined paths.

Button decision tree

Generally, these methods in an ad, allowing consumers to click through to specific information, or directly ask a question. However, some clients prefer removing the text input capability if there are legal or privacy concerns.

Response Formats

Our ads feature a standard set of response formats. These can be combined in any way to make up a single response. AdChat can also develop custom components, like lead-gen forms, to integrate into the conversation flow.
AdChat response formats