Conversational Display Ads

Touch, text, and voice conversations between brands and consumers, powered by machine learning and NLP*. In display ads.


AdChat was created to combat the most pervasive problems with display advertising: low engagement, dismal CTRs, and disruptive browsing experiences.

“It’s like a chatbot and a display ad got together and had a baby.”

~ Anonymous

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The poor, old banner.

We’re here to change it.

How? With a conversational interface built on a radical concept: put the customer experience first.

AdChat provides a messaging-like experience that’s simple, intuitive, and familiar. All in a display ad.

AdChat Chatbot Banner
Text and Voice
Images and GIFs
Product Cards & Carousels
Visual Lists
Video and Audio

It’s simply a better experience. For everyone.


For Consumers

AdChat display ads provide a frictionless, engaging brand experience, without the disruption that’s inherent in other display ad formats. Plus, they’re just fun to interact with!


For Advertisers

Our conversational ads provide relevant, contextual product information right in the banner, moving users along the customer journey much more effectively than other display ad formats.

For Publishers

AdChat means a less disruptive experience for your site visitors. And that means increased dwell time/more time spent on site.
AdChat Chatbot Banner - Mobile

Analytics that are actually actionable.

Every conversation and user interaction in our ads is tracked – in a non-personally identifiable way. It’s like a market-research tool masquerading as a display ad.

By tracking conversations, advertisers can see the most popular/widely requested content, and seamlessly fill in gaps if a need for more or missing content exists.

But wait, there’s more…

We provide on-demand analytics for how users are engaging with an ad, including number of active users/sessions over time, average session length, number of messages sent per session, clicks/paths to external URLs and any unrecognized messages sent to the ad.

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*Machine learning and NLP? Really?

Yes, it’s true. AdChat’s conversation manager is powered by Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that AdChat uses ML and NLP to recognize the intent and context of what a user says, then provide the most relevant and meaningful responses.

Every ad has a unique ML algorithm, meaning it learns more and gets ‘smarter’ with every user interaction.

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