Conversational Social Ads

Conversational social ads for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns

Replace static, low-engagement social landing pages with messaging, the communication channel preferred by a majority of consumers.

Dell conversational display ad by AdChat
Conversational social ad

How Conversational Social Ads Work

Tapping an ad (or URL in an organic post) on a mobile device loads our conversational interface right in the social app, instantly. It’s a completely seamless experience, whether you’re running campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

For desktop campaigns, clicking an ad opens the conversational interface in a new browser window.

Production and Deployment

AdChat is a ‘build once, deploy anywhere’ managed platform. We build the conversational experience for you, mapping back to your campaign’s strategy, goals, and KPIs.

For social campaign integrations, our conversational interface is deployed to a web server. We can host the experience in the cloud with a vanity domain, or deliver files to you if a client prefers (or requires) the experience to be hosted on a corporate domain.

There’s no integration required – it’s as simple as dropping our files into a directory on any web server.

AdChat social channel integration

Convert more prospects and talk to more customers with conversational advertising.

Personalized conversational ad


Like our conversational display ad format, conversational social ads deliver a level of personalization that standard ads and landing pages just can’t match.

Consumers can get their questions answered instantly, explore the content they’re most interested in and provide requested information in a text/messaging interface they’re familiar with using every day.